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Advice with Nkobo & Dilogun english

Each person have a gift of Olofi.

To reach the highest power during this transit we need the advice of Egun, the ancestors,Elegua, a Guardian Angel and the Orichas.

Now you can to know,throughout your telefone,how to reach your goal and enjoy the power of Ocha.

Someone gifted with the power of Olofi and Ache of Olodumare will make your consult with Nkobo and Dilogun for you.

Ocha give to the Obakinioba the Ache to consult the Orichas in your name.

We are Yaya Gladys IyaOlorun & Tata David Obatesi

Oni Oni Obakinioba of Oyo into Onile, the Earth and we are blessed to be instruments of your power.

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