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Initiatic Travels to Cuba, Puerto Rico, Venezuela.

Initiations into The Ewe Culture -- Palo Monte o Mayombe & Ocha Lukumi-- as fountains of Bioenergetic Knowledge & Integral Wellness from Oyo, the Empire of Odua and his descendents Ochas and Orichas at the Shadow of the Sacred Three.

House of Obakinioba Obatesi Nsasi Kimbisa Ntoto ndombe Mayaka Tace Tare Lotae with the Ache of Chango and Yemaya, Oni Oni of the Black Pepper lineage of Susana Cantero, Rosa Mardoche, Josefina Beltran, Aida La Suave, OchunDe, Ewin Tola, OmiToke...

Kuenda vititi burubutu Nsulo, bacheche Ntoto.

Obatesi is King of Ate, the Nation of Ocha and the Ceiba.

Always the blessing come.

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Divination & Spiritual Advice with the 7 Nkobos Oracle and Los Caracoles (The Shells) of Elegua to improve your life.
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