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The Sutumutukuni Rule

by Dr. Teodoro Diaz Fabelo
Translated by AfricaniasOnline

This Rule is called prejudicially "sorcery"; is native of the batus peoples, called "kongos" or "black congos" for the colonials blacker. Today we know that the batus or bantus aren't blacks, that are the primitive inhabitant of the black Africa, that have much cultures and peoples with tribal languages, that are so mestizos as the lukumi, that are carry in great quantities to all America, that had leave permanent traces in Haiti, Cuba, Venezuela and all the Caribbean islands since the XVI century when the portuguese were converted in merchandise.

The Sutumutukuni Rule of the Kongos have in Cuba five orders, to know:
1- The Kimbisa Order, is the original and did not admit the christian transculturation impose by the slavers owners; it keep "judias" and secret; give origin to other four mystic- religious orders:

2- Of the Kimbisa Order the wise Andres Petit derive the Saint Crist of Good Journey Order, that was approve by the Pope. This Order also are maintain secret in Cuba.

3- Malongo Order, christianized. It derive from the Kimbisa.

4- Shamalongo Order, christianized. It derive of Malongo.

5- Order of the Shangani. Have origin in Shamalongo.

All the Palo Monte Orders have african foundation in an iron cauldron of three legs. This foundation is called Nganga . The cauldron have in the bottom a circle divided in four quadrants. This drawing represent the earthly center. The fields and cardinal points correspond it with seven forces called nsambie, equivalent to the orishas lukumi.

Insight the cauldron of the Nganga are 21 "palos", been the principal the Palo Yaya, that goes in the center in vertical position; also carry the "palos" Tengue, Moruro, Jaguey and others, moreover of land of cemetery, four roads, of the door of the court, of the church and of the jail; carry the skull in which spirit accept be "nfuiri" or dead of the Nganga; carry worm, tongue of rooster, head of turtle, blood of the animals of sacrifice, guinea pepper and money. Is buried it 21 days into a ant hill and 7 days at the base of the Ceiba tree; afterward is sacrifice it a small pig and is make it an special soup with the head; is sprout it hard liquor and fume of tobacco; is destine it to a place into the Sanctum Sanctorum, where is light a candle and is make a reunion of priests to test it.

Each Nganga have name and characteristics, have songs, date and commemoration; have owner, dog and godsons. The Nganga of women is not work for man and to the inverse. The women could be Godmother of Nganga, Yaya, but not could to develop a Nganga without a Tata. The women with menstruation not could to bring near to the Nganga.

The cardinal points mark the "nsambes" or forces that work into the Nganga; N, Tiembla Tierra; S, Sinando; E, Nsasi; O, Oggun; SE, Madre de Agua; SO, Mama Kengue; NO, Oya, Siete Sayas; NE, the Nfuiri or Dead.

When a person receive Nganga, form Munanso or house of foundation and can make "scratching" or "rayamiento". The first grade is Father of Foundation; the second is of the Tata. To the reunions of Tatas can not to concur the Fathers and Mothers of Foundations.

If you want to belong to an Order of Palo Monte concur to an "registro" with The Nkobos, the congo shells, "caracoles"; if go out "letra" of "scratching", receive indications to prepare it; have to take a rooster, a bottle of hard liquor of cane, tobaccos and the money of the "derecho". Is mark a date to celebrate the spiritual session where is investigate it his spiritual square, his path, is require it permission to his Internal Being and to the Protector Guide; this say what nsambe or path correspond it. The Godfather, Father or Tata, will said when you should be present in the Munanso to effect the ceremony; you should become present at late afternoon bathed and dress of cleanses white clothes and with three days of sexual abstinence; should be bath with "omiero", be make rogation of head and will be put to rest in the floor without pillow near the Nganga of the Godfather; at dawn the "scratching" or initiation will be make; after will be put to rest in the "estera"; at nightfall the foundation and the indications will be given. Each first of January should take his foundation to the house of his Godfather to fortify it.

Ngangas and Munansos are subject to a rigorous familiar relationship, where the respect is primary and demanding.

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