The Sixteen Obatala

By the Dr. Teodoro Diaz Fabelo
Translated of Africanias #1 to AfricaniasOnline.

The Osha Lukumi Rule is a solar religion, like of the Ra in the ancient Egypt. Look the symbolism of Olorun representing to the Obatala and the solar Orishas:

At Olorun have 16 solar rays that represent 16 vibratory rates called Obatala; the whole of the 16 solar rays give the central ray of Olorun called Oddua. Each solar ray is a orun with the power of "Oba", King or Father. By Oddua, Odudua u Oduduwa, considered the Eye of the Divine Providence, appear Olofin, The Almighty.

Olofin, The Causal Law, give origin to the World, but commission to Oddua to create the human being. Some said that for create it the intelligence of the human being.

Olofin, of "Olo", owner, possessor; and "ofin", law, Causal Divine Principle, is not a orisha, but yes supreme force-light of how all born. Is the Father-Mother. The Son it is Oddua, that neither is orisha, because is Dead; represent it with the caduceo, with a ball of glass that have the babalawos, or with a ball of ivory. Oddua also represent it as a cosmic Master equivalent to Jesus Christ. Oddua is the human that was cross the phase that trace the hebrew Kabala to be Xrist united with the One. Much steps have that to evolve the Soul, Eleda, to convert it in a luminous image charged of wisdom that give her the experiences of the incarnated existence; to the end reach the grade of Oddua, the Cosmic Master Ascended.

Oddua is the Xrist of each person, is the Son of the Father or Baba Creator; is the owner of the head of the human being; is the ball of glass that see it over the caduceo. I'm see much canes of black elders, congos, with a snake of reed that involve the "fuste" that carry a ball or head at the superior part representing to Oddua. Like this is the cane of Egun of the lukumi. The profound seer see the ball as of glass over the caduceo that go by the center of the head of that one that receive Kariosha.

The Orula Order require males with path of Oddua, but have women that have it and aren't admitted into the order of the babalawos, that is patriarchal; to this women into Osha Lukumi assent it Obatala and receive Oddua at the left shoulder.

Obatala is the Osha Nla: Great Divine Power (light) that to go dawn to a otan or stone of saint, where receive offering white birds and white female goats. When have path of Oddua the babalawo offering them, moreover, deer, doves and "gacelas". Is possible to develop the power of Oddua without material offerings. All person have his Oddua or Xrist, but only few have it developed, liberated.

The imperial culture of Ife founded it with the power of Osha Nla that emanate of Oddua and Yemmu, as ahead of Olofin. To this manifestation concur Oloddumare: The Great Power of God Father Almighty manifests it as Great Intelligence and Holly Spirit; also concur all the Orishas, sunny and earthly.

Now you would understand to Olofin as the Father, to Oddua as the Son and to Oloddumare as the Holly Spirit. This wisdom of conceptual essences are not of christian origin, without hindu and egyptian, that are the fountains where drink the hebrews and the greeks.


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