The Osha Lukumi Rule

by Dr. Teodoro Diaz Fabelo
Translated from the spanish version of Africanias #1 to AfricaniasOnline.

This Rule with his orders is of nigerian origin, where concur more of eighty kingdoms under imperial domain of Ife, Oyo, Abeokuta and Dahome. The empires were teocratics, like the submited kingdoms. The Yoruba language generalize it, as the Castilian between the peoples of the Peninsula since the triumph of the Chatolic Kings over the musslims that reigning into The Spains. The slaves lukumies carry the Lukumi language, formed by the Yoruba as mother languaje and with the inclution of voices of tribal languages unites into the Empire are of the linguistic trunck Kwa o Ewe, that Lydia Cabrera call Anague. The Arara language of Dahome is different to the Yoruba of Ife, although are of the same linguistic trunck.

On the other way, into the vocabulary of the babalawos have much voices that not appear into the lukumi oshery, because apparently correspond to a people that enter to Nigeria and impose the creed of Orula u Orunmila, the priest of Ifa that supede the cult of the orishas to the Orunmila that convert it in the creed of the Oni of the Empire.

Meanwhile into Haiti was very strong the influence of the Arara language, into Cuba prevail the Yoruba, as in Brasil. In venezuela prevail the Bantu.

Osha mean sacred, divine. In Sanscrit div mean "light" and is the root of divine, Deus and day. The divine is vibration, light. Osha is divine. The divine is sacred and serve to consecrate. The divine have much vibratory rates proceedent of the Sun, Olorun and of the Earth, Oguede. The cult to the divine is the Osha cult of the lukumi peoples proceeding of Nigeria and with accentuate hindu and egiptian traditions, also chinesse and mesopotamics.

"Luku" is a bantu radical to say "teen, much, "Mi" is a suffix to mean "people". "Lukumi" mean "much peopleos united". Osha Lukumi is the Rule of the much peoples workshipers of the Orishas, what is divine. Also we could find cult to the divine into Egyp, India, between hebrews, mesopotamics, chinesses, greeks and roman christians. All the four great religions have cult to the divine and all, like the black-africans, practice ceremonies of consecration and have propitiatory rites. All have someone atention to the Sun, the Moon, the Earth, the Stars and the Man into his spiritual evolution.

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