The Osha Lukumi Rule

By Teodoro Diaz Fabelo
Translated by AfricaniasOnline

Historic introduction
Olorun: Cult to the Sun
The Sixteen Obatala
Anthropomorfization of the Orishas
The astral body
The protection or The Dead
Rishis & Devas
Problems with the spiritual development to evolve Eleda

The necklaces or Eleke Oshas

Treaty of Obatala
Names of avatars, aventeres or path of Obatala
Relationship of Oddua with Obatala
Males Obatala
Female Obatala
Obatala proceeding of the Dahomeian culture
Moyuba of Obatala
Ewes of Obatala
Treaty of Eleggua
The birth of Eleggua
Moyuba of Eleggua
Suyere ti Eleggua
Ewes of Eleggua
Patakis of Eleggua

The Warriors

Treaty of Shango
Names of avatars, aventeres or path of Shango
Pattaki of Shango
Moyuba ti Shango
Ewes of Shango

Treaty of Orunmila
The cult to Ifa
The oracle of the Babalawos of Ifa
Ojo Orunmila: The week
AboFaka, IkoFa
Ilde Fa
The birth of Irofa
Pataki of the origin of Ate Ifa
Pray to Orunmila
Ewes of Orunmila

Treaty of Oshun
Names of avatars, aventeres or path of Oshun
Pataki of Oshun
Moyuba ti Oshun
Ewes of Oshun

Teodoro Diaz Fabelo

Disciple of Don Fernando Ortiz his initiatic knowledge and his bibliographic work transcend the limit of the cuban africania and place the basis to the definition of the afroamerican culture.

His titles:

Lengua de Santeros (Guine Gongori), La Habana 1976
Olorun Ediciones del Departamento del Folklore del Teatro Nacional de Cuba, La Habana 1960.
El Diloggun Inedit.
Addendas del Diloggun Inedit.
Obbi, El Coco Africanias #7 & #8

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