The knowledge contained on Orun come to us throughout Orunmila, the Witness of Creation that stablish domain over all of african kingdom under the promise of teaching to the spirits of humans into the realm of the spirits of woods and humans send by Oloddumare to make conscious beings of his Nature in transit to The Light.

Orunmila have a name to each one of the bioenergetic frecuency of Orun over Onile, kuenda Ntoto, Oguede, The Earth, the vibratory rate of Ntango-Mposi, The Sun and The Moon, in the realm of Nfindo,over all things; knowledge that manifeste it in The Day and The Night throughout the oracles of Dilogun, wich talk by Ocha, Opkuele and Ikine by Ifa and Nkobo by Nganga.

His teachings were directed to propose the conscious ascesis to the kosmic realitity through the evolutions of the nsambi-ndoki energies.

The cultural splendor of Orunmila carry to our days in the contingents of Kongos, Lukumi and Yoruba that making the World Diaspora of Batu Ewe or Anague Culture.

The white side of Orun rule the day and talk in Dilogun anf Ifa talking by Orichas.

The Munanso Kimbisa Ntoto claim the Blessing of The Nkobo, the 7 "caracoles kongos" to talk The Message of Nfumbe, throughout Nkisi Nganga as foundation of the cult yo Egun, the dark side of Light.

Orun is the knowledge of the energy of the matter in transit for this ecological dimension; talk about the Spirit in transit assigned to each form of matter. Speech in Nkobo and Odu of Dilogun and Ifa.
Only when Kiyumba, Leri is consecrate under some of the Olodumare traditions the Spirit is Conscious of His Manifestation as energy, then is that born as Lucenda, Olori.

Olodumare is The One that Look and have Mpungo, Orichas and Egun to rule the Universe. Then, when Olo is Crowned God find a Ori representation. When Ori have crowned... born then the bioenergetic knowledge.

The Ngombe reach Nkisi to propose the Destiny and to know what Orunmila have assigned it into this transit with the blessing of Orun, the foundation of the divination power that manifest it in the Dilogun, Nkobo and Ifa.

This conception proceed from the traditions of The Sutumutukuni Rule upon The Orders Kimbisa and Malongo and The Munanso Mayaca Tace Tare Lotae.

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