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The Batu tradition have a God that manifeste it in the Sky and the Earth. Tabisian Nsambi Nsambia Muna Nsulo...The Great God that have in Sky. Mpungo Nsambia Mbisa Muna Ntoto...the God that come to make the house, Ntoto, and make all.
Nsambi is One and manifeste It as Kosmic Conscience of The Being.
The Being manifeste It as vibratory frecuencies of Light. Nsambie Ndoki energies. Light and Darkness. The same elements of Olodumare or Tao Knowledge.
This Knowledge come also with the Lukumi Culture as expresion of the Batu Ewe Culture. Olo, Head, Odu, as Conscious Being, Mare, --Bioenergetic Being--. Trinity that manifeste it as God through Olofin.
Olodumare is God and to propose the Harmony of Life send two kinds of Spirits, the Spirits of Wood and the Spirits of Humans to propose the Kosmic Harmony. The spirits of Wood to create the dimension of the matter capable to transform the Light of Olorun, The Sun, in Osha vibrations and The Spirits of Humans to create the Orisha Conscience of God.
Have so many Consciences of God as Divinity that act into the human plane of manifestation of Olodumare: The Dead Deified, The Mpungo and Osha.
It's the Teaching of Batu Ewe Culture through The Kongo Lukumi Culture to create Nkisis, foundations, when living other spirits, Nkita send by Nsambi, Olodumare, as Mpungos that manifeste it into Nature.
This superior Spirits manifeste it as Nkuyo, Elegua, Kalunga, Yemaya, Nsasi, Shango, Cholawenge, Oshun, Zarabanda, Ogun Chiviriki, Watariamba and Oshosi, etc.

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