NGANGA: foundation of the Sutumutukuni Rule of Palo Monte

The bioenergetic knowledge of the kongos, establish in the Sutumutukuni Rule, offer sure solutions to the spiritual and material development.

The Nganga is a center of power that fortify it with the vital force of all the elements that compose it, included the energy of the initiates in them. Is a society compromised with the spiritual protection and material evolution of all his members. When an incarnation is processed Nganga establish a compromise with the Nfumbe and all the members of the Nganga. The oath is: One for all and all for one. The responsibility of the priesthood of Palo is to propose the integral evolution of all the society that compose it and to conduct it by a positive way.

All the incarnations have his spiritual conscience that comes to this transit to develop it. Upon his level of development this being have the capacity of propose the spiritual evolution of other beings but as each propitiatory or ritualistic process consume energy need a bioenergetic support to maintain his power to transform the reality of the matter. This is the reason to develop the Nganga.
The Sutumutukuni tradition upon the knowledge of the Kimbisa Ntoto Order have a ancestral guide, Nsasi, the first nfumbe that has access to the Orunmila dimension, that bring the knowledge and the power to this incarnation to improve his capacity of propose evolution to other beings without to affect his proper evolution or his bioenergetic level of development. The Malongo Order have as guide to Ta'Jose, the Shangani and other orders, other guides.
The guide of the Nganga protect the integrity of all the spirits that live into Nganga, He is the leading force that make to work the nfumbes. The incarnation only need to empower the force of the Nganga with the offerings that mark the Nfumbe through the oracle, Chamalongo or Nkobos, to preserve his energy and increase his power to transform the reality of the matter in his different levels of manifestation.
When the work is developed with the dead that come into this incarnation, don't have the access to the same dimension of knowledge and kosmic conscience, don't have guide that preserve it and potentiate it to propose the changes that the matter require, that witch provoke the need of to improve the power with other resources with an high cost in the evolution of the incarnation that process it.

This is the reason to avoid rituals of Palo, "scratching", etc., without Nganga.

The rule establish the necessity of to perform rituals like "scratching" and others of mayor compromise with the Nganga with the power of a Tata and an Yaya, in order to propose the integral evolution of the being through the channeling of the nsambie-ndoki energies that are transmuted for the consecrated matter of the both sexes, of the priest and the priestess. If this rule is not followed and only a Tata or only a Yaya perform the rituals, the matter is not full processed and his evolution is not complete. In this cases weaken it the power of the Nganga with the prejudice to all his elements. The same occur when is scratched an incarnation that don't have sexual definition and have inverted energy that affect the evolution of the nfumbes into Earth

This is the reason to follow the Rule.

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