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The consecration of a Muluguanga Oni Oni Chango Omoalara as Obakinioba represent the highest goal of the syncretism process of the three traditions -Palo, Ocha and Ifa-- possessors of the secrets of Oyo, the Empire created by Odua, into New World.

The Diaspora reach his historic objective consolidating his religious and social power at one Hierarchy that unified it restoring the Oyo Empire into the New World.

The Obakinioba, Oricha Egun and Igba Iwa Ache Oricha as Crown of Olodumare are the foundation of Olofi into Onile.

Obakinioba hierarchy achive the position of a Mfumu ya ntoto and an Obatero (The Chief of the Earth, King over all Kings) and is the traditional chief who is held in great esteem by Paleros, Olochas and Oluos.

He is the principal source of wisdom and ache, as well the arbiter in all manner of civil disputes and is the symbolic holder and protector of all ancestral religious traditions of Ewe Culture which belong to Onile to whom he is responsible as King of Oyo, the Empire of Odua and his descendents Mpungos, Ochas and Orichas. The Obakinioba songs open the door to the flow of bioenergy of the Divinity in the ceremony to propitiate the ebo: Bioenergetic Therapy throughout rituals with the Deads, the Mpungos and the Ochas, the primal forces that rule over your matter in this transit.

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