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Addimu or Ardimu

Offering of food to Nfumbes, Eggun, Mpungos, Oshas into the traditions of Batu Ewe Culture.
When in a consult or "registro" in front of The Oracle (Obi, Shamalongo, Nkobo, Diloggun or Ifa) it determine that the consultant suffer on ecologic or bioenergetic unbalance in some of the electromagnetic spheres of his material being, it recommended this ritual proceeding, consistence in "the offering" of electromagnetic elements related to the vibration of that sphere with the object of given potency and or harmonize it, in a way that could propose the evolution of that being through the increment of his bioenergy and harmonize it in that determine vibratory frequency.

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Babalawo:Yoruba. Baba, (father) Awo (Diviner),Priest of Orula, the Oricha of Divination, throughout the Ifa oracular system performed by Opele or Ikin over a sacred tray to communicate with Orunmila, the witness of the Creation of Olodumare. Babalawo is the Priest that interpret The Oracle of Ifa.

Babalawos and Oluos --those initiated into Lukumi Rule-- without Oddu would consecrate Echu and Orula but can't propitiate initiation into Orisha upon Lukumi tradition.

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Babalawo hierarchy into Lukumi Rule

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Bakofula: Kongo. The Great Master of Palo Monte and Mayombe Orders in charge of the preservation of the Nganga foundation and knowledge.

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Baron Samedi Into the traditions of the Voodoo and the Gaga that is practiced in The Hispaniola, as much as in Haiti as in Dominican Republic, give cult to the first male buried in the cemetary of each one of the development villages since they were brought the first africans in slavery. To that "death" it is know as the Male of the Cemetary or The Baron Samedi.

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BatuEwe: Culture original of the basin of the Congo River that expanded for all Africa the knowledge of the materia as a kosmic manifestation that evolve since the sphere atomic-ecologic and it expand infinitely, such and as confirm it the scientific studies backing by the contemporary technological advances. Philologic studies of his language have determinate his notable influence in the solar cults and to the death that characterize civilizations like the egyptian until the yoruba.

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Their interpretation of the reality is the most organize and antique precedent know as kosmic Thinking that integrate the geocentric and heliocentric conception, --the Earth or The Sun as centers of the Universe--, that form part of the evolution of the Thinking and give origin to the anthropocentric and theocentric manifestations --the Man or God as rectors centers of a mental universe away of the reality-- in that it founded the predominant culture in the modern world.

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Eleda Yoruba. Is the energetic vibration that manifest it in the kundalini and when evolve through the chakras mute to the vibratory frequency more higher toward the chakra Otori, in the head, since where project it and allowed the integration and harmonization of the ecologic with the superior spheres of manifestation of the matter until that ascended to the dimension of the kosmic. According to the knowledge of the Batu Ewe traditions that vibration called Eledda contribute to the human being the kosmic portion of his conscience given his origin kosmic; according with the energetic dimension that reach the ecologic being in his different evolved process, return to integrate at the kosmic. Exist ritual techniques directing to proportion the evolution of Eleda.

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Eleggua Yoruba. Is the vibration of the matter that correspond to the second sphere of manifestation of the being. His vibratory level is correspondent to the electromagnetic matter manifested in the colors black and reed. Exist ritualistic and consecratory techniques that purpose the bioenergetic evolution of the matter manifested in the Eshu sphere through his mutation of the Eleggua matter. That knowledge is practiced in the actuality by initiates in orders of Palo Monte, Ifa and Osha, in which Eleggua is the energy of unincarnate beings that has been consecrate to propose his evolution and of the human being in which is assigned as guide to open the doors of the integral reality.

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Eshu The vibration more static and retrograde of the matter in relation with the Ligth, are the vibration correspondent to the sphere of Eshu, or first sphere of manifestation of the Being in as much as ecologic being.
The Eshu vibration is correspondent of the black color, in which, applied in the level of anthropomorphic interpretation of the human matter and his evolutions, determine that the Eshu vibration it's identified as the most retrograde and determine the being of little Light and little evolution, being that have not reach transmuting energetically to superior stages in as much as bioenergetic matter. Since the same anthropomorphic perspective the hindu tradition attribute the dimension of Eshu to human beings that have not reach transmuting the energy of the chakras more inferiors toward the superiors, meanwhile that in the yoruba tradition it attribute the dimension of Eshu to unincarnate spirits that have not reach any evolution toward the Light and that are capable of to parasite energetically the human being, in which make us referred to the batu Ewe tradition, that attribute to inferior stages of the matter the capacity of to parasite superior manifestations of energy that are finder inhis ecologic ambience during the process of natural bioenergetic harmonization of the Being.
The afroamerican tradition derive of the BatuEwe culture syncretized with the christianism, the "Santeria" for example, identify Eshu with malevolent forces related to the Devil in correspondence with the theocentric foundation characteristic of the occidental Thinking.


A Nkisi is created upon the bioenergetic knowledge of the BatuEwe Culture to vibrate into a specific frequency as ecologic matter.

All the African traditions Palo Monte, Mayombe, Osha e Ifa, have the same foundation, Nkisi, though each one are ruled by a different kind of the Spirits send by Nsambi, Oloddumare.

The traditions of Palo have today two slopes, Monte and Mayombe; the Palo Monte tradition of mayor lineage and precedence know the foundations of Nganga Mpungo; the Palo Mayombe tradition know and develop the Nfumbe Nganga foundation.

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Mean chief or head. Oloddumare send to Earth 256 Deities or Spirits called Oddun. Each one of this Deities have 16 different ways that which make a total of 4.096 Minor Oddus. Each one of this Oddu have traditional histories or pattaki and each one have an proverb at prose that could be learn of memory by Babalawos, Oba's and Oloshas.

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Oddu. The Knowledge of Oddu.

The presence of Oddu in the daily life. The Letter of the Year. The Oddu Orisha of each Head

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