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The foundation of this New World will be definitely Ewe Culture. Our traditions are religiously kept and we represent the knowledge of future due to the apogee of the human spiritualization and the end of a culture due to the claim of the environment, Olodumare, and the ascension of Being to the kosmic vision.
We are the option of future.
Africanias born in Spanish, the mother language, the base to interpret the African heritage from the Eurocentric perspective; the language of the master program of our culture, fruit of our integration as New World.
Translate it to English will be a foundation to integrate the Afro-American knowledge. It is our next step.
Meanwhile, Africanias offer you a gallery with the best collection ever edited, pieces of art, to show our culture as source of integral life and Wisdom.

This collectible editions in Spanish are available at Kimbisa BookStore.

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