Ewe Oricha

Ewe is the knowledge of the Osha vibrations that rule each herb.

The Batu ewe Culture, through his kongo and yoruba traditions, have the bioenergetic knowledge of the interaction of physical, chemical, geological, and biological processes of Nature, and the bioenergetic technology to develop formulas of plants and herbs to improve the energetic level of any form of matter and to propose his evolution toward more elevated levels of ecologic manifestation. This technology imply propitiatory rites as incantations and songs for each one of the "spirits" that live in the herbs and his Mpungo & Osha or Orisha correspondences.

Ewe Orisha Contents

Ewe Eleggua

Ewe Obatala

Ewe Oggun

Ewe Oshosi

Ewe Inle

Ewe Yemaya

Ewe Shango

Ewe Oshun

Ewe Oya

Ewe Oddua

Ewe Babalu Aiye

Ewe Ibeyi

Ewe Orunmila

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