The conception of the Being as an bioenergetic entity exposed by the afroamerican culture transcend the anthropocentric Thinking --the human being conceived as center of the Universe--, and open the perspective to the assumption on behalf of the human kind of an ecologic conscience that permit a major integration of the humanity to the harmonic life with Nature.

In our ecologic dimension all the matter manifest it like a form of bioenergetic life. The bioenergetic being is the result of the biochemic action of all the ecologic manifestations of the matter into the planet Earth.
The lives beings of the vegetable and animal kingdoms, --included the human kind--, are biochemical entities capable of to transform in energy the nutrients that obtain of the sunny light and of the planetary biomass and, therefore, could be conceived as bioenergetic entities. The green plants, to the transform the sunny and kosmic light, the gases and minerals in nutrients to the alimentary chain of the lives beings, create the bioenergetic dimension that give origin to the earthly atmosphere as fountain of ecologic life.

Upon our scientific contemporary culture, the matter manifest it like a process of expansion and contraction through the Universe.

Upon the conception of the Batu Ewe Culture, the most ancient african tradition of knowledge of the bioenergetic reality, The Light going to the Earth through The Sun, and is transformed by the "woods", the photosyntetic principle of the plants, in other vibratory dimension of the Light that permit the manifestation of the life in this sphere. His historic evolution of Thinking give origin to the african traditions of the Sutumutukuni Rule of Palo Monte and The Osha Rule, between the most important expresions of the bioenergetic culture of the reality that has survived until our days with all the knowledge of the energies that interacting with the human matter in the Universe:

From the energies that rule our path into the Earth through our ancestors alive in our blood or the energy that live in each plant, the door or the corner, or the energy that open the way to reach the objective until the specific grade of the sun light vibration that rule our matter and that permit us to harmonize our conscious body with the Kosmic Conscience and to complete this transit by the realm of Oloddu, all this knowledge that permit us to communicate and to manipulate the bioenergetic forces of the Nature to our benefit is the purpose of this pages.

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