The Batu Ewe Culture

The foundation of the Kosmic Knowledge that today has being accessed at the New World is the result of the capacity of surveillance of The Batu Ewe Culture.
The Batu Ewe Culture born definitely in Africa but have antecedents in all the human cultures of the World and we can find expression of his Knowledge of the reality into the Chinese Taoism, the Vedas in India, Mesoamerica, etc.
This Culture characterize it for the interpretation of the reality as an interacting flow of primal energies that evolve to propose the life and His Conscience into the Kosmic dimension. The primal energies are The Planet and His different manifestation as matter, the Plants, The Sun, The Moon and all the elements that make possible The Life. The Humans are inferior being in relation with the Deities of Nature and have the Blessings of the Conscious if living to maintain the balance of the superior Beings as His own manifestation in this plane. Although the Qui Gong of the Chinese traditions preserve abundant information about bioenergy, The Kongo&Lukumi traditions are the most sophisticated traditions of the Batu Ewe Culture because have the complete Knowledge of each one of the energies that rule the Life into Universe.
Into America we can found this expressions of Kosmic Knowledge in the Diaspora of Kongo&Lukumi traditions although also this level of evolution of The Human Thinking is alive today at the indigenous traditions of the Amazons into groups of guaikas, pemones and makiritares, etc.
Kongo&Lukumi is not different cultural entities. Is The Message of Knowledge of a Culture whose Foundation permit reach The Reality of The Light, as bioenergy of ecologic matter of Nsambie, God.

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Batu archive Last update Mayo/3/2015. La antigua cultura Batu Ewe legada por la Regla Sutumutukuni enlaza a Kimbisa con la Regla de Ocha Lukumi que luego deviene Santeria y trae a occidente el ultimo vestigio del Egbe Odudua –cultores de Oricha Egun como unidad integrada y de la cual Nkisi es de fundamento - identificaba a los Olorichas como Divinidades descendientes de Odua al servicio del proceso de divinizacion de los Aleyos.

Kimbisa como fuente de conocimiento Ewe Oricha ofrece evidencia de su presencia en Ocha desde aquel momento en que Osain cobija a Chango cuando Olokun se habia apoderado de La Tierra y le otorga sus secretos y luego Chango consagra el Agboran del Nkisi Ara de Osain una vez que Olokun se retira y puede manifestarse Odu.

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