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The crisis between Thinking and Reality that stimulate the model of the occidental civilization, make evident in the deterioration of the affective relationship of the human being with his environment, has incremented the demand of knowledge proceeding from other cultures capable of to promote the integration of the human being with the Nature that form part:

By your demand as part of the conscious being eager of integrate it to the Being that animate the Nature, Oloddumare and His Grace, Orunmila, this magazine that have 28 years of life, is now a resource of information online. Enjoy it.

Nsambiempungo and The Well Spirit, guide us and make propitious our rise to superior levels of conscience, enlighten and wellness during this transit by The Earth.

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Bioenergy Articles about the technological knowledge of the life energy into African cultures.

Editorial Reconocimiento a la Lengua Madre.

Ewes: The magic power of the plants and his mpungo-orisha vibrations correspondences.

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Glossaries kongo and yoruba language translated to your understanding of his knowledge.

Africanias frontpages Graphic images of "fundamentos", nkisis, orishas, shrines and rituals!!!

The Osha Lukumi Rule A scientific approach to the Yoruba solar cults traditions.

The Sutumutukuni Rule The revelation of the kosmic&ecologic knowledge of the Kongos.

The Vodu The mysterys of the serpent of Dahome.

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