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The destiny of mortals is controlled by Olofi, King of Gods and God of The Sky and The Divine Justice. He know your personal path into Onile, The Mother Earth created by Olodumare, and only He have the power to change it or make it more satisfactory through the intercession of Egun and the Oricha that has being assigned as your guide to protect the fulfilment of your destiny in this transit and to avoid a new incarnation that complete it.

The divinization process through the Lukumi Temple have as purpose to determine which divinity intercede by you and how to make it more benevolent with you to keep away the illness and evils entities liberates by Echu and guide you by the initiatic way upon the ritual requirements that your integral evolution want your Egun and your Oricha or Guardian Angel.

The Lukumi Temple have as mission the interpretation of the Wisdom of the Destiny and to advice to the mortals that consult it about how to improve his path, what to do and what not to do in an specific moment of his lifes, which is the Oricha that has being assigned to protect him and which divinities are adverse, how to harmonize his energies with the propitiatory forces of The Universe to accomplish his purpose and how to obtain wellness and the necessary evolution to transcend to superiors levels of manifestation as matter during his transit by Onile.

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